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JaneDoe March 21, 5:06 pm count( 174 ) Could they check my texts with an court order in the state of florida with an At&t phone? Its impossible anybody can hide a message conversation, because if they delete the SMS messages immediately, you can certainly still see them on the system. Since you were running from the police, that certainly could be considered reasonable suspicion that a crime was being committed. Its hard to say whether searching your phone and placing a call on it was legal or not. (He has a history of violence with me and we have a pending court date but that is separate from the custody hearing. I havent called the supervisor there yet but I plan on doing so tomorrow and hopefully that starts the process or something.

You can contact the company and ask or check their website for information. Usually in the course of fighting crime and investigating criminal activity, officers collect evidence. We suggest you talk with your parents or probation officer about this. Dear Tera: What evidence may be admissible at a custody trial depends on the laws in your state as well as the specific facts and circumstances. joe Judge, I was wondering.

Lauren September 29, 3:37 pm count( 227 ) ? Police have the authority in conducting criminal investigations to collect evidence from all sources. tasha August 29, 9:25 pm count( 131 ) ok so i was at a home where a domestic took place, and i was sittin in the householding the baby when a cop enters the home and asked me if i knew who this guy was that assoulted my cousin, i said yes i do, and then he asked to see my phone to see if i have been texting the person they were looking for and i told him not without a search warrant he cant, so he grabs the phone from my hands and takes it and a different officer comes in a says they were taking my phone to evidence while they apply for a search warrant and if they see that i was texting this person then they would charge me with obstruction! And if the court doesnt make a no contact order can my probation officer? Make $20,000 and more in a couple days. The police also searched through all of my other texts and photos, some of which were very private between my girlfriend and I. You could try contacting the police department and request your phone back and/or how to go about getting it returned.

What are my rights and or options to get my phone released back to me? This new category including electronic devices is under study across the country. john February 3, 6:56 pm count( 304 ) My friend was texting a drug dealer and the dealer got arrested and the cops confiscated their phone. No one was injured I was the only one in my car and I hydroplaned into a median. The exact facts of the transaction must be studied to see if police policy is followed, etc. I havent called the supervisor there yet but I plan on doing so tomorrow and hopefully that starts the process or something. I never said anything about selling, but I did mention that I was on Adderal (not weed) and that I was freaking out. Hate speech or speech that constitutes an actual threat of harm, for example, is not protected speech. Charges could be filed against you and your friend if the police get involved and believe that some of the texts are illegal and break any of the laws mentioned above. And then a *wiretap* of sorts its not a live feed, but a record of calls into and from a phone. – bmike Jan 8 14 at 17:20 2   Sure, we cant comment on what might or might not be admissible in any particular court, but for taking a copy you certainly, for your own sanity, need to maintain context and providence or the text could simply have been made up or amended by anyone. Dear Adrienne:

For more on ting laws, click here. Discuss this with your lawyer. During the raid they asked us for our ids. In this case, the person charged with the rape may have the messages saved, and can turn them over to his lawyer to be used in his defense. Every state is wrestling with this issue.

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They took out the backseats and searched the car for an hour and a half in which they even called for another cop car to come and sniff it out. samuel perez January 31, 9:16 am count( 306 ) I live in bryan texas my brother was arrested for avaiding arrest for just being at a school after school hours. The police had a print out of all our texts messages when they questioned us, and basically knew we did it from reading our txts my question is, are they allowed to do that without a warrant or parents consent? Hacktech01.

2 and up! Hacktech01. They will be discussed later on.

I texted him and told him I apologize, it was a misdialed number and unintended. fair enough. Is it legal for police to keep my purse with my id, walet, phone? Although the act of sending nude photos to a minor could result in some sort of online solicitation of a minor law, there may be an exception or a defense for instances like yours when the act is unintentional.

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